Monday, February 11, 2013

Don't let this be you

Recent events in my life have really opened my eyes to how the majority of the world around me seems to think.  I feel like I have put myself in my own little bubble and not really reached out to hear or see what everyone around me is saying and doing.  When my eyes were opened I was taken back.  To me the gospel is second nature.  I've gone to church all my life.  I've surrounded myself with people who believe the same things I do.  I'm a stay at home mom so getting out and being around others isn't as much of an option as it used to be.  Still, I'm surprised at how many people believe so differently.  I know this may not be what some want to hear but I'm not trying to get popularity votes.  I just want the truth to get out there.  There is one absolute truth out there and it is God.  Jesus said, "I am THE way, THE truth and THE life.  No one comes to the Father accept through me."  Yet for some reason so many believe that there are other ways.  For most, it's just being good people.  It's such a tragedy that these "good people" are making a choices that will land them in a place that is just the opposite for eternity.  Our lives do not end here. Physically, yes.  Spiritually, no.  We will go on to live in eternity.  Eternity with God in heaven or with Satan in hell.  There is no other choice.  God is such a fair and loving God that he has given us our own right to make our own choices.  He doesn't force us to love or believe in Him.  He leaves it up to us but He made sure that if we chose to be with Him there was a way.  See we don't deserve heaven.  Even if we only sinned one time in our whole lives that would be one sin too many to deserve even a glimpse of heaven. So "for God so loved the world that He gave His ONLY son and whosoever believes in Him will no perish but have everlasting life."  "ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God."  But God gave us Jesus!  Don't let this be you, my friend.  I say all this not to make you feel bad, not to push you away, not to force my beliefs on you.  I share this because I love you.  So does God.

Open the gates and let me come in
I'm ready to have fun in this place called heaven.
I gave food to the hungry and money to the poor
I took care of some puppies and for some I opened doors.
I was nice most of the time and had love for everyone
I thanked you for my job, my family, my fun
Now open up so I can get started
On my share of heaven now that I've departed.
What's the problem?  Why are you looking at me that way?
Open the gates I don't have all day!
Say something God! I don't like the way you stare
I was a good person so come on let me in there

I know you thought good works were enough
So this is the part where things get tough
You didn't accept me or turn from your sin
You didn't think I'd love you for who you were or where you had been
But you were sadly mistaken for my love knows no bounds
I sent my son to die for you!
He was spit on and beaten and wore thorns for a crown.
He was nailed to a cross and pierced in His side
He did that for you!  For you He died.
But instead of calling sin what it is
You kept on living in it and and for YOU, you lived.
Do you understand the depths of what that means?
His death on the cross would have been for nothing.
But that is not so as you will soon find out.
Your sins nailed him to that cross without a doubt.
Now you're standing before me as your life on earth has come to an end.
You're asking questions and your sin trying to defend.
It's too late now, my dear one, there is nothing you can do
Depart from me for I never knew you

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